Guillaume Loizillon – Collapsus


trAce 058 – CD – 2022
6 flaps sleeve, 12,5 x 18 cm

Pre order : August 18, 2022
Release date : September 2, 2022

Guillaume Loizillon
Michel Bertier,
Bony Bikaye,
Andrew Crocker,
David Fenech,
Blaise Merlin,
Emiko Ota,
Ben Ritter,
Federico Rodriguez,
Quentin Rollet,
Laurent Saiet,
Hervé Zénouda


UGS : trAce058 Catégorie :


1 Hypnose (5:53)
Electronics & text : Guillaume Loizillon
Vocal : Ben Ritter (voice recording on answering machine)
Synthesized voices : Aurélie, Audray
2 Danse sociale (6:05)
Electronics : Guillaume Loizillon
Vocal & text : Emiko Ota
3 Multivers (4:58)
Electronics : Guillaume Loizillon
Vocal/text : Bony Bikaye
Violin : Blaise Merlin
4 Game over (3:39)
Electronics : Guillaume Loizillon
Trumpet : Andrew Crocker
5 Cop’s song (3:11)
Electronics & field recording : Guillaume Loizillon
Vocal & lyrics : Ben Ritter
Guitar : Laurent Saiet
6 Afreaks (4:44)
Electronics : Guillaume Loizillon
Vocal/text : Bony Bikaye
Trumpet : Andrew Crocker
7 Necro beat (4:31)
Electronics & vocals : Guillaume Loizillon
Guitar : Laurent Saiet
Dadasophe : Raoul Hausmann (Dada phonetic poem
from 1919 recorded in 1957)
Synthesized voices : Murmure, Tarik, Thomas
8 Floating point (4:49)
Electronics : Guillaume Loizillon
Guitar : Federico Rodriguez
Alto sax : Quentin Rollet
9 Virologie (5:12)
Electronics : Guillaume Loizillon
Vocal & electronics : Emiko Ota
Trumpet : Andrew Crocker
Synthesized voice : Kanya

10 Vortex (4:44)
Electronics : Guillaume Loizillon
Guitar & electro drums : David Fenech
11 Expansion (3:55)
Electronics : Guillaume Loizillon
Cristal Baschet : Michel Bertier
Electronic percussions : Hervé Zénouda
12 Little bang (4:31)
Electronics : Guillaume Loizillon
Vocals : Ben Ritter
13 Basse tension (6:02)
Electronics : Guillaume Loizillon
Violin: Blaise Merlin
14 Finalement (1:59)
Electronics : Guillaume Loizillon
Synthesized voices : AudrAy, Angelica, Veena

Mix & mastering : Guillaume loizillon

The production of Collapsus took place from the end of 2019 until the beginning of 2022. Ironically, its initial proposal placed it in the “ambient carbonic techno” genre.
About twenty electronic sequences were created using modular synthesizers or audio software (Max msp, Voltage modular, VCV rack, etc.). These were sent to a dozen of artists: musicians or/and authors, who volunteered to participate in the project. They responded by sending in contributions made in their own workspace. Others came along for the recordings.
Started just a few weeks before the explosion of the pandemic, during these two years of gestation, the project was of course affected and questioned by these events. During this complex and depressing period, the initial conceptual framework, centered on collapse and an ironic-derisory imagination, evolved without disappearing. A refocusing and a certain redefinition have taken place.
However, many of the initial elements have survived, including:
– production by calling on multiple and varied collaborations
– the multiplicity of forms of finalization (audio CD, videos, «site album», download spaces, etc.)
– the desire not to adopt a strictly experimental and “underground” positioning or, at the very least, to explore more equivocal boundaries.


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